October 29 minutes

Date: 10 – 29 – 2014

Time: 7:06 PM – 8:25 PM

Location: Public Library


– Eathel Carmichael

– Rusty

– Eric J Kregel

– Cori S Burgar

– Brian Hill


Meeting Notes:

Open 7:06 pm, by Eric

Discussion: ‘Ain’t it cool’ presenting the use of McGuffins in writing.

The use of this plot device by different writers and how they are used in different genres, examples cited included, Hitchcock, among others. Genres discussed included Sci-fi, mystery and fantasy mainly. In such media as written books, television programs and movies. We included current and past works.

Eric presented a work exercise called, ‘Ain’t it cool?’

With the definition for McGuffins: a plot device so amazing, so unbelievably astounding that a reader would love to visit it despite all of the dramatic conflict and tension wrapped around it.

The genres used to illustrate this were, Sci-fi, Historical Fiction, Fantasy, and Mystery. Discussing various devices usable and how to find these devices. The group came up with devices for each genre discussed.

After the presentation/discussion Eric shared his news of departing to new pastures to expand further upon his experiences. We discussed ways of continuing FoTS and Eric’s future involvement with the group. The moderation is passed on to Rusty and the present members enthusiastically agreed we will continue with the library meetings. Other media was discussed for involvement of out of town members including using Face time, Skype or blogs and a webpage. An experiment with using a projector and laptop is also going to be set up by Rusty for the meetings.

The decision is to set up a Skype connection at our meeting for the meetings starting in December. This is for those unable to physically be at the meetings.

The blog was discussed and agreed it would only be a place for minutes and news for FoTS members. No articles from FoTS members will be posted on it. Meeting discussions will not be held on the blog.

Thus the blog is set as fellowhipofthescribblers.wordpress.com

Web page is not being considered at this time.

Eric was asked to keep in contact and involved with the group as best able in the future. All agreed he is free to drop in on future meetings.

Eric presented an invitation to the members to attend his farewell gathering on Sunday November 2nd.

No writer’s articles were presented for critique this meeting:

Schedule is revised to:


November 12 2014:

– Brain Hill

– Rusty

– Eathel Carmichael


November 26 2014:

– Cori S Burgar

– G. W. Thomas


Meeting adjourned at 8:25 pm

Several remained to chat about current events.