January 21 2015 Minutes

Date: January 21 2015

Time: 7:00 PM to 8:50 PM

Location: High Prairie Public Library


  • Rusty

  • Eathel Carmichael

  • Brian Hill

  • C S Burgar

Meeting Notes:

Open the meeting, 7:16 PM by Rusty


G W Thomas was unable to attend so no Group Discussion was conducted.

Next meeting discussion: Trope versus genre, definitions and discussion.

Discuss group size and recruiting or adding applicants: Consensus agreed to was a moderate size but additions will be welcome. Both directly and through Skype at future meetings. No finite rule on group size but all are happy with current membership as we are comfortable with each member now. A few names of recruits were submitted and discussion agreed to encourage these people to join the meetings.

Peer Review:

7:32 PM

Author: Eathel Carmichael

Piece: “Princess of the Animals: Chapter Two”

Review: Level 5

A lengthy discussion began with notes on grammar, spelling, word usage and editing. Followed by a discussion on the aspects of the piece that included many inquiries on intent of style, word usage and structure. Ideas were discussed. Eathel was encouraged by the group to continue with his writing as it has unique aspects we want to encourage and see more of. A little more attention is needed to structure and editing. Suggested he turn off his word correction editor in his document writing, as it frequently uses incorrect words.

Rusty’s rating: 4/5 uniqueness, 2/5 editing

Author: C S Burgar

Piece: “The Fingertip of God: Book 1”

Review: Level 5

A discussion revolving around the construction and structure of the piece resulted in confirmation that the piece is an outline for her future work. The story was discussed in detail. We asked C S many questions on her intent and what the future writing is going to be. Discussed the build up, background and structure of the story.

Rusty’s rating: 4/5 uniqueness, 4/5 editing

End of Reviews:

8:24 PM

We discussed future meetings and set the schedule to the end of March. We determined in an unanimous vote to schedule meetings regularly for every three weeks, as possible.

Future is:

  • February 11

    • Brian Hill

    • G W Thomas

  • March 4

    • Rusty

    • Eathel Carmichael

  • March 25

    • C S Burgar

    • To be determined at next meeting

This weeks recommended reading: none

Meeting adjourned: 8:46 PM by Rusty