February 11 2015 Minutes

Date: February 11 2015

Time: 7:00 pm

Location: High Prairie Public Library


  • Eathel Carmichael

  • Rusty

  • Emily Jamieson (Skype)

  • Brian Hill

  • C S Burgar


Meeting Notes:

Open meeting: 7:10 pm by Rusty


Trope versus Genre’

Meeting opened with rough definition of genre and brief history of classical genre classification. Mention of sub-genres. Moved on to Tropes and if they are themes or the same as themes. Came to conclusion the theme is what the whole piece is about over all, with the plots derived from that. Tropes are the devices used to build or carry out the theme and plots. There will be many tropes in a piece to do this. We used examples of known works, and then delved into our own writing using C S Burgar’s and Rusty’s writing as examples to draw from. The group gained a clear understanding for the group of the differences in tropes versus genres, theme and plots.   Determining that a trope is a device to carry out a theme or plot in various ways. And that multiple trope may be used to do so at any time. The group focused mainly on fantasy writing for our examples. Such as conflict, good versus evil, romantic involvement, problem solving, dramatic, setting, quests, irony, metaphors, etc.

Next meeting discussion will be: ‘Time travel paradoxes’ how do we resolve them or use them?

End of Discussion: 7:44 pm

Peer Review:

As no submissions had been present for pick up, no reviews were conducted.

In the in box for review at this meeting now are:

Brian Hill: Feb 11, 2015

Rusty: Unicorn Apples

Eathel Carmichael: Princess of the Animals; Chapter Five

Emily Jamieson: Chapter Four

End of Peer review: 7:45 pm

Meeting ending:

Confirm dates of next meetings. Confirm Skype works well with Emily.

Confirm with group Rusty is working administration and any suggestions, questions can be addressed to him through; phone, e-mail of contact directly. Discuss blog and supply group with address. Gather feedback and ideas.



  • March 4 2015
    • Brian Hill                           – Feb 11, 2015
    • Eathel Carmichael        – Princess of the Animals: Chapter Five
    • Rusty                                   – Unicorn Apples
  • March 25 2015
    • C S Burgar                        –
    • Emily Jamieson             – Chapter Four
  • April 15 2015

This meeting’s recommended reading: ‘Steelheart’ by Brandon Sanderson. Stories of ‘Epics’; who as it turns out all manifest as evil, every one of them.

Meeting adjourned: 7:50 pm by Rusty


Notice February 3 2015

Hello everyone:

A reminder our next meeting is February 11 2015 at 7:00 PM at the High Prairie Library.

Skype will be available for those desiring to attend, at:


This meetings discussion will be:

 Trope vs Genre.

As well our writers presenting will be:

G W Thomas

Brian Hill

The following meeting is set for March 5 2015

with presenting writers being:


Eathel Carmichael

Thank you for your time: