March 25 2015 Minutes

Date: March 25 2015

Time: 7:00 PM – 8:20 PM

Location: High Prairie Public Library


  • Eathel Carmichael
  • Rusty
  • Emily Jamieson  (Skype)
  • C S Burgar
  • Brian Hill





Meeting notes:


Open the meeting at 7:01 by Rusty


Discussion: an open discussion on Faith in writing, what is allowed in fiction?


The discussion was varied. Ranging from use of religion or faith, by various authors or writers; to how readers might feel about different uses of such topics. The feeling that we came to is that the only person who knows what is allowable is the individual reader. As each reader has a different opinion on what they will accept or how they view a piece of writing. Each piece of writing is viewed differently by different readers. We agreed to give our opinions on when we think each of us is crossing the line of decency in our submissions to each other, as a courtesy to the group members.


Next meeting discussion: What is a short story?


Discussion ended at 7:19 PM


Peer review:


Author: C S Burgar

Piece: The Finger Tip of God: Book 1 – The Tomar Prophecy

Review: Level 4


Rusty opened the review noting there were very few editing technical errors. The group followed this with noting the only real critique being for improvement to, show more then tell in the second paragraph. The group liked the piece and feel it is well done. The writing flows well. There are strong characters that are well defined. There is a good story line.


Good work C S.


Author: Emily Jamieson

Piece: Chapter Four

Review: Level 5


This piece was well done, only one editing error indicated. There is strong character descriptions. There is strong story flow. Some of the group missed previous writings to this piece, thus they did not fully follow the story. But they found the piece engaging. In discussion with Emily we were able to confirm her questions on direction she was intending. Her descriptions are strong and well placed. Her written intent matches her mental intent.


Good work Emily.


End of Reviews 8:15 PM


Confirm meetings set for: 

  • April 15 2015 
    • Brian Hill ?
    • Eathel CarmichaelPrincess of the Animals: Chapter Eight, Level 5
  • May 6 2015
    • Rusty Unicorn-Grand-fathers, Level 5
    • Emily Jamieson?
  • May 27 2015
    • Brian Hill?
    • C S Burgar?




Recommended Reading: Spirit Animals, Series: ‘Book One: Wild born’ Brandon Mull: A kids series of children bound to animals on whose shoulders which the fate of the kingdoms of Eradas rest.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:20 PM by Rusty


March 4 2015 Minutes

Date : 03 – 04 -2015

Time : 7:00 PM – 8:36 PM

Location : High Prairie Public Library

Attendees :

  • Eathel Carmichael
  • Rusty
  • C S Burgar
  • Brian Hill
  • Emily Jamieson (Skype)

Meeting Note :

Open meeting 7:00 pm by Rusty

Discussion:  an open discussion on Time Travel Paradoxes

Odd, how paradoxes make or break various writings. Believability is the key. To be believable it has to be explainable. If a writer is not able to explain their paradox the reader won’t bother reading. We found many examples of paradoxes that were explained, that otherwise are unbelievable, yet we can believe because of the explanation so we read or watch. Multi verse, time bubble, alternate planes, etc. all are used and we can accepts, but unless the writer explains them we don’t read or pay them any amount of attention. So as writers if we want to play with time, change things in time, or even go back in time without changing things, etc., we need to have an explanation for the reader. Or the reader will reject our writing and us as writers. We can alter reality but we better explain how or why, right away.


Next meeting discussion: Faith in writing, what is allowed in fiction?

Peer Review :

Author : Brian Hill

Piece : Feb 11 2015

Review : Open

Noted Brian broke out of his usual writings. Excellent topic, relevant. Great flow. Focused and consistent. Job well done.

Author : Eathel Carmichael

Piece : Princess of the Animals, Chapter Five

Review : Level 5

Noted marred by technical errors. needs a lot of editing. Confusing in several areas. Too many characters in a few scenes. Scenes need work with  wording.

Great plot, Unique story and good flow.

Author : Rusty

Piece : Unicorn Apples

Review : Level 5

Noted marred by several technical errors. two confused scenes. Minor editing issues.

Unique. Strong character definitions, Good flow and well designed. Stands alone as a short story but feels also as part of a larger story.

End of review: 8:28 PM

Set meetings for future:

  • March 25 2015
    • C S Burgar‘unknown’
    • Emily Jamieson Chapter Four
  • April 15 2015
    • Brian Hill‘unknown’
    • Eathel Carmichael‘unknown’

This meetings recommended reading: ‘The Crazy Game’ Clint Malarchuk, a biography ‘How I survived in the creases and beyond’ a wonder in the survival of individual drives.

Meeting adjourned: 8:36 PM by Rusty