April 15 2015 Minute

Date: April 15 2015

Time: 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM

Location: High Prairie Public Library


  • Eathel Carmichael
  • Rusty
  • Brian Hill
  • C S Burgar
  • Guest: Eric Walters

Meeting Notes:

Open the meeting at 7:00 by Rusty

Discussion: The planned opening discussion was not held as we had a guest for the meeting.

We had author, Eric Walters. With ninety-seven books published and over one hundred awards to his credit we were able to spend the entire meeting in discussion with Eric.

Eric discussed his writing process, experiences in the writing world and with publishers. Also we were given glimpses into his experiences in life and his work with charities such as the Kenyan orphanage, Creation of Hope, he helps fund and manage.

He has walked across Kenya with children. Walked across the Sahara desert and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. Just to name a few. He braved a Canadian blizzard in research for a book, with nothing more than shorts and deck shoes to know what it would be like to try to survive in such conditions.

He informed the group of some of the pitfalls and rewards of working with publishers and other writers. Eric extended to us the benefits and drawbacks of marketing. Remarking on the hard work and dedication it takes to be a fulltime writer and reap the rewards.

To Eric we extend out thanks and appreciation from our group, Fellowship of the Scribblers, as well as the High Prairie Public Library.

May your journey continue as fruitful long into the future with the Creation of Hope.

End of Discussion:8:30 PM

Next Discussion: What is a Short Story?

Peer Review:

Author: Eathel Carmichael

Piece: Princess of the Animals: Chapter Eight

Review: Level 5

The piece is a great improvement over previous work. Eathel’s work is still marred technically and needs editing. The storyline is strong. The characters are good. There are a few missing links in the story.

Improving Eathel, good work.

End of Review: 8:50 PM

Confirmed Meeting Schedule:

  • May 6 2015
    • Brian HillApril 15 2015
    • RustyUnicorn : Grand-fathers, Level 5
    • Emily JamiesonThe touch of the Forest
  • May 27 2015
    • Brian Hill?
    • C S Burgar?
  • June 17 2015
    • ?
    • ?

Recommended Reading: ‘Walking home’, Eric Walters: A families struggle to walk over one hundred miles across Kenya to a new home. The publisher is donating $1.30 of each book sale to Creation of Hope.

Meeting adjourned: 8:55 PM by Rusty