May 6 2015 Minutes

Date: May 6 2015

Time: 7:00 pm – 8:36 pm

Location: High Prairie Public Library


Eathel Carmichael


C S Burgar

Brian Hill

Emily Jamieson (Skype)

Meeting notes: open meeting at 7:13 by Rusty

Discussion: an open discussion: What is a short story?

  • The discussion defined a story story and its components.
  • We wondered about different types or varieties of short stories and discussed this.
  • Does a series of short stories still qualify as short stories? The answer is yes.

Discussion ended: 7:26 pm

Peer review:

Author: Brian Hill

Piece: April 15 2015

Review: Level open

We found two styles of writing were used. There was a switch part way through, but the overall writing we were all pleased with the piece. This is strong clear writing. Good work.

Again, a good stretch for Brian, with his branching out again into another new area. Well done.

Author: Emily Jamieson

Piece: The Touch of the Forest

Review: Level 5

The story has strong character development, with strong story flow. There are questions on aspects of story developments, particularly on how some of the situations came about. How the antagonist came to the conclusions and actions he did. There are very few technical errors.

Great work.

End of Reviews: 8:14 pm

Confirm meeting schedule:

  • May 27 2015    
  • Rusty – Unicorn-Grandfather – Level 5
  • Brian Hill – ?
  • C S Burgar – ?
  • June 17 2015
  • Eathel Carmichael – ?
  • Rusty – Unicorn-Home fire – Level 5
  • July 8 2015
  • Emily Jamieson – ?
  • C S Burgar – ?

Propose following meeting for August 26 2015

Recommended Reading: ‘The Rule of Three’ Eric Walters: A story of what happens to our society if computers suddenly stop functioning. See for yourself in this novel for young adults.

Meeting adjourned: 8:27 PM by Rusty