Fellowship of the Scribblers



Rusty Knight here, from InUPress, I am coming to you with renewed vigor.

As I have been slowly recuperating from overload of running two businesses, which has kept me full steam ahead for a while. I have, with the down turn in the economy, found business has slowed considerably for my repair business, granting me more time to work on projects that were set aside, also more time to relax and rest up.

Some projects on the burners are; writer’s convention in High Prairie and starting a writer’s group in Peace River as a Second Chapter of Fellowship of the Scribblers.

These would be supported and promoted by InUPress.ca. I look forward to going forward with testing their viability. Anyone agreeing with them, please email me at rusty@inupress.ca with your thoughts and suggestions, include contact information if you like to be included in the development of these ideas.

Thank-you for your time,


Rusty Knight & InUPress.

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