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As a group we’ve rebuilt and started fresh. We now have discussions each meeting and each member presents writing for review, to be discussed. We greatly enjoy working together developing better skills as writers.


Fellowship of the Scribblers


FoTS Updates:


Our next meetings is:

July 19th – canceled

August 9th

August 30th

September 20th

At Rusty’s Den 

At 7:00 pm

Recommended reading:

Here we are, our next recommended reading.

Recommended reading:  ‘Laret’ by Kenneth Shumaker, an author from High Prairie, Alberta who at one point resided in different towns and farms in Alberta he chose the experiences setting of this writing. The novel ‘Laret‘ is a unique look into an the epic fantasy world setting of Quantos which Kenneth original developed for his gaming as a game master. Available on Amazon (Kindle and paperback) as well as InUPress, and iUniverse, along with Barnes and Noble.

“’Laret’ is an imaginative romp into a world uniquely assembled out of what feels like spare Tolkien like  geographical and literary parts.  the tale centres around the team of the Black Swans and is told primarily by the lost souls between the realms of the living and the planes of the gods. Orphaned and lost between, the lost souls follow and guide the living.  In a hidden death-powered mission deep in the Web Shireward wilderness.  This tall tale ensemble story is filled with eccentric characters, deadly scenarios and quick, witty dialogue. Amidst the unique assembly of extreme and fantasy, Laret is held in balance by surprisingly commentaries of the lost souls on matters of humanity, heart and faith which are skillfully woven throughout the quick-moving story.  All-in-all, this novel is sure to provide a interesting ride to all who climb aboard and hang on!”

Notes and Quotes:


“Without ambition one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing. The prize will not be sent to you. You have to win it.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Go the extra mile … it’s never crowded.”



 Fellowship of the Scribblers is now looking for four new members;

call Kenneth at the InUPress office at 780-523-5835 to discuss attending.



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