Fellowship of the Scribblers (FoTS)

We shall be meeting regularly approximately every three weeks.

Next Meetings:

  • July 19 – has been canceled
    • August 9
    • August 30
    • September 29

We are a small group of writers who get together to discuss our craft and get to know other writers.

Our format is, to open starting with a writing discussion, using one topic presented by the group moderator.

Following the discussion we typically review two pieces submitted by group members.

Submitted articles can be of any style and in any genre.

Articles should be of 3 to 15 pages, though longer and shorter submissions have been reviewed.

The reviews are critiques based on a scaled rating.

The scale is on levels 1 to 5

  1. Go easy: being the lowest, did we like the piece?
  2. Give ideas: basic ideas, impressions, what was good about the piece, what wasn’t, when reading.
  3. Get into the details: discuss details such as what works or what doesn’t, more detailed impression of the piece, content critique, what flaws in content? What bright parts in content? Suggestions to improve the readability of the piece.
  4. Feed back: how to improve the article, general technical review, proof reading.
  5. Shred it: hard-core technical, tear it apart. Tell what needs fixing. Content, spelling, grammar, punctuation, typos, use of language, etc. line by line discussion.

Constructive criticism is expected, positive feedback is nice to hear also. In feedback, use examples to show intent of critique. The articles are submitted for picking up at the High Prairie Public Library before the meeting so reviewers have a chance to read and review for the discussion, previous to the group’s meeting. The contributors are chosen by the group during Fellowship of the Scribblers meeting.

August 9th

  • Discussion – What is Fiction, non-fiction?

August 30th 

  • Discussion – Writing fiction versus non-fiction, how hard can it be?

September 20th 

  • Discussion – Why would I publish?

Members list:

  • Rusty Knight, current moderator
  • Brian Hill
  • Eathel Carmichael III

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